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“If you want to know what’s going down in any company in America just ask the stock clerk.” Ryan Hutchings, CEO of Hutchings Enterprises, Inc. got himself in some legal trouble over womanizing. No problem, he’ll just inveigle his stock clerk to bail him out. So he buzzes his stock clerk, Buzz. Who else? The fun begins. Mr. Hutchings’ cover has some hidden holes and Buzz is dumb like a fox. The combination clearly demonstrates you can succeed in business with a little bit of spying.

Coralee is a maid for Abigail and her family. Among other things she cares for Georgie, Abigail’s grown developmentally challenged son whom she affectionately calls Sweet Pea. On the day Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated Georgie runs away while under Coralee’s care. Coralee’s angry young son, Jerome, accuses his mother of “Shuck-in and Jive-in” but she still makes him tell the truth about Georgie. Dignity is put to an ultimate test.

Oriel, a young woman a much abused, barefoot loner with a quick temper answers an ad for lodging at T-Bone’s single story house and seedy yard. Oriel has an unlikely dream of going to Alaska. T-Bone is an obese, wheelchair bound, white, redneck in his mid-sixties, has a cranky temper but loves his orchids and his coupons. The price for Oriel’s food and lodging is taking care of his needs –– no wages and no other demands. The relationship turns out to be tumultuous to say the least, sometimes funny, sometimes mean, sometimes touching and always unpredictable.

Three actors, Richard, talented, intelligent more interested in roles with weight then a big paycheck; Julie, a down to earth successful actress; Gwen, an attractive, intelligent actress known for her skills in character roles. The three of them are about to perform in an Off Broadway production about 9/11. Each performer’s exposure to the trauma of 9/11 in real life is revealed in the dressing room and we see the affects carried over to the roles performed in the play on stage. Audiences see actors playing actors, playing actors. The taunting struggle between life and art is provoked before our very eyes.

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