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Judy, Wally and Mitzie stay in an "assisted living" facility. They want to live a meaningful life but Nurse Claudia is a tough love practitioner who runs the place by the "book" and treats them as if their mission in life is to follow the rules and quietly take the final step. Resentment runs high when Joe Taylor enters the facility. His loyalty and tenacity take over and life at the facility turns into a hilarious camp of rebellion, disobedience and ingenuity.

George and Helen Hollewinski own an Accordion Studio and Music Store in a changing Omaha neighborhood. Luigi Wells, a black jazz drummer, becomes a part of the struggling Music Store. Two young teens, one black, one white, get caught up in the ensuing cross cultural music and racial clash that precipitates the 1969 Omaha race riot. Out of the turmoil the merge of old music and new music point to a ray of hope.

Leonard was just 8 years old when he, his older brother and his brother's friend, in accordance with Cherokee custom and legend, rubbed bloody palms together and took a Cherokee Blood Brothers forever oath. Leonard called it the greatest day of his life. Now he is being interrogated by a forensic psychologist and all three are suspects in a mysterious death. The Cherokee connection steers the action to a dramatic conclusion.

Leon is a philosophy professor who has to face his worse nightmare — a student who takes his teachings on behalf of animal rights seriously. His wife is an animal research scientist pushing him to write his memoirs and looking for an assistant to help him. When a young woman with vegetarian convictions and compromised virtue arrives, followed by a young man with a cause and on a mission, mishaps, subterfuge, duplicity and mayhem reign supreme. Add in 40 pound rabbits and chaos ensues.

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Advance admission is $17; door admission is $20.

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phone 313•868•1347

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