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From Painting by Jerome Ferretti

Curtain Times
Thursdays & Fridays
8:30 P.M.

3 P.M. & 8:30 P.M.
2 P.M. & 7:30 P.M.


Herb discovers Climate Change is having dire effects on production of his beloved maple syrup. Suddenly he is determined to fight Global warming. He institutes personal energy reductions but is stymied in his efforts to enlist his wife and two kids in his noble efforts. So he begins a wild campaign of outreach which includes dressing as a banana tree and a Knight in Green, flying a green banner atop the statehouse and getting arrested. Great fun with serious intent underneath.

Uproariously funny, witty and very moving, Butler is written by the author of last season’s hit comedy, Buzz. Based on actual events that changed the lives of 10,000 slaves, Butler is set at the beginning of the Civil War and follows Major General Benjamin Butler, who has just been given command of Fort Monroe in Virginia. The inexperienced but shrewd Butler meets his match when an equally shrewd runaway slave enters the fort and asks for asylum.

Devon Tramore, a good young jockey on her way to becoming great, lies in a hospital room with a serious brain injury following a racing pileup. The circumstances of the accident are suspicious. An investigation reveals jockey sexual harassment and racehorse owner sexism. The story veers from a traditional sports tale when during Devon’s hospitalization she masters the art of leaving her body. Her new abilities give her a supernatural connection with the star horse, Devil Dog Six. All the actors double as horses and jockeys in a breathtaking run for woman power and racial tolerance.

A homeless man and a homeless woman, both aged beyond their years, one once a prominent neurosurgeon, the other a would be novelist who never got there, share a desolate space with the feel of a world that is not quite real, with two park benches, two overstuffed carts, scattered litter, milk crates, buckets, a trashcan and of course whiskey. What is truth and what is imagined is always a question. Two unreachable people touch.

Pricing Information
Advance admission $17; General admission is $20.

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phone 313•868•1347

Gold Subscriptions are $100 for TWO people; Silver Single Subscriptions are $50. 10-Ticket Bargain Booklets are $110; Matinee 10-Ticket Bargain Booklets are $100. See Fundraising for Groups for rates. For information phone 313-868-1347 or e-mail the theatre at

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