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Yolanda Jack; David Glover

LuluDahl; David Glover



Special Events

A Paradise of Fools
World Premiere Comedy

Mr. Wolfson has written a modern day version of the Commedia dell’arte style theatre. The Commedia was a peoples theatre that gradually rose to prominence during the Italian Renaissance. A Paradise of Fools, like the Commedia, pokes outrageous fun at the moral and righteous foibles of human intercourse.

Peter Knox; David Glover; Sandra Birch

A couple of con artists, Francesca and Bernardo, are down on their luck when they discover a dim-witted shoemaker, Calandrino, received an inheritance. The swindlers move into action. Bernardo convinces Calandrino that he doesn’t look well and summons a renowned doctor who determines the shoemaker is suffering from a condition usually reserved for women. Mortified by the news, Calandrino begs to have his manhood restored. A request the doctor readily agrees to....for a fee.
But the raucous farce is just beginning as other swindlers jump into the fray. A lawyer appears, claiming that his female client’s rights must be adequately compensated before the doctor can be permitted to restore Calandrino’s manhood. Soon, the town’s mayor brings a political perspective to the debate over Calandrino’s condition. In the end, money changes hands, but it isn’t clear who swindled whom. Only the audience knows for sure. Only the audience knows who the real fools are and they may not be on stage.

Lulu Dahl; David Glover; Sandra Birch

The Director/Cast
Harry Wetzel who has a touch of the Commedia in his own life style, is the director for A Paradise of Fools. Last season Harry, to much acclaim, directed the off beat comedy, Dead and Buried. He has assembled a veteran cast of Repertory favorites. Sandra Birch will portray Francesca in “Fools.” She was last seen at the Rep as the mother with a clock in her head in the play “Causa Mortis.” David Glover will portray the dim witted shoemaker, Calandrino, in “Fools.” He was seen at the Rep last season as the Detective in Taking Care of Mimi. Yolanda Jack will portray Adelina in “Fools.” She was last seen at the Rep as the Muslim Poet, Asma, in Forgiving John Lennon. Lulu Dahl will portray Teodora in “Fools.” She was seen last season at the Rep as Perdue in the Rep production, Dead and Buried and lastly Peter Knox will portray Bernardo in “Fools.” He was last seen at the Rep as the obnoxious sheriff in A Lesson Before Dying.
Performance and Prices
A Paradise of Fools opens the Repertory’s 56th season on November 1st and runs every Thursday through Sunday until December 23, 2012. There will be no New Year’s Eve performance this season.
All tickets, fundraisers, Bargain Booklets, and Subscriptions will remain the most affordable prices for not-for-profit professional theatre in the Region. General admission will remain $17 per ticket 24 hours in advance and $20 at the door. The Rep’s “Anytime, Multi-Use” Gold Double Subscription for two is still the unmatched price of $100 and a Silver Single Subscription stays at $50. 10-ticket Bargain Booklets, Regular and Matinee are $110 and $100 respectively and still make great mini-fundraisers.
For tickets, bookings and information call or visit the Rep Box office, 313•868•1347. Tickets can be purchased by phone using Visa or MasterCard. There is no surcharge.
Book a Fundraiser
We love warm bodies in the seats. Help us and help yourself; book a Rep fundraiser. Dates are still available for “Fools” and the rest of the season. Free champagne to spice your date. Call the Rep without delay! 313•868•1347..



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General Admission for all seats, all performances is $17 for advance sales; $20 for door sales. For ticket availability call the Box Office 313-868-1347.

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