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Sponsorships are a tax exempt means for maintaining and building the Detroit Repertory’s Theatre’s Capacity – defraying the costs of producing and maintaining affordable prices; raising the level of operation; extending the sphere of influence; and, making plans for expansion.
The Detroit Repertory Theatre is on the cutting edge in the battle to advance cultural democracy. As a midsize operation our program decisions are based mostly if not exclusively on artistic or cultural considerations. Artists fees and benefits are by far our largest expenditure. Our tie to our community is embedded and unequivocal. We are totally committed to our audience development and community outreach efforts. As an Actors’ Equity union Theatre we are dedicated to the establishment of a professional Theatre life for all indigenous Theatre artists.
A Repertory sponsorship reaches far beyond a moment of support or a focus on particulars. It is an effort to help create a cultural democracy.

The Detroit Repertory Theatre has four sponsorship categories, Season, Production, Event and Citizen Sponsorships.

Season Sponsorships
Season sponsors underwrite and lend their name to an entire season of plays. Season sponsorships are extremely valuable because they are inherently unrestricted funds that can be channeled to essential needs. In essence a season sponsor is saying that you, the Detroit Repertory Theatre, are a fundamental and vital part of our indigenous cultural life. Season Sponsorships are an expression of assurance that the Theatre will remain part of that cultural legacy.
Season Sponsorships begin at $50,000 and receive due recognition throughout the season and honored presence in our annual Black Tie Event.

Production Sponsorships

Production Sponsors designate funds to specific plays within a season. Sponsors receive credit in all production or event promotion, including programs, advertising, releases, Public Service Announcements, stories and internet communications.
Production sponsorships range from $20,000 or above and receive an honored presence in our Annual Black Tie Event programs and appropriate production programs.

Event Sponsorships

The Repertory conducts two major fundraising events during the course of a year. The levels of Event Sponsorships range from a Master Sponsorship of $15,000 or more to as low as $300 for a Citizen Sponsorship. Due recognition is given in all event promotion including recognition on the Detroit Repertory Theatre website.
November Event

Black Tie Partners 2016

Annual Black Tie Benefit and Awards Night
This annual event is a gathering of corporate and civic dignitaries and loyal Detroit Repertory supporters to celebrate and honor the best performances by Repertory artists over the previous season. The funds raised are designated to the Detroit Repertory Theatre Capacity Building Program.
February Event
Annual Board of Trustees Patron Award Red Night
A time each year when civic minded Detroiters who love and support the Detroit Repertory Theatre wear something Red and come home to party, introduce new friends to the Rep and honor the Irma Wertz Patron of the Year. Monies raised are used for repair and maintenance, purchase of additional assets, and for renovation and expansion.

Citizen Sponsorships

The Rep's $300 Citizen Sponsorship category allows individual and corporate patrons to foster tax exempt goodwill and enjoy an honored presence in the Annual Black Tie Program and all subsequence Production Programs. A Citizen Sponsorship is a modest way to lend beneficial support to the Repertory. Major Citizen Sponsorship ($500).

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