Amenities Before, during Intermission and After make your visit to the Repertory an even more pleasant respite from daily cares. Our Lobby Kitchen and Food Service offers homemade soup, dessert and cookies and our Lobby Cocktail Bar offers coffee, juices, soda, beer and spirits.

Digital drawing of the Detroit Repertory theatre by richard strand.

The Detroit Repertory Theatre is easily accessible by all major freeways. The Theatre is comfortable, intimate and warm. It is well lit. The parking lot immediately adjacent to the theatre is spacious, enclosed and attended. Parking is free. Walk directly from the parking lot into the Detroit Repertory Theatre where the ambiance invites people to take respite from their daily cares, exercise the imagination and give flight to the spirit.

Follow The Signs
The Detroit Repertory Theatre is accessible by all major freeways and we have a directional road sign at every key point.

Going North on the Lodge Freeway (U.S. 10): Use the Glendale exit. At the top of the ramp, follow the sign, turn left (W) 1 Block; then follow the sign, turn right (N) one block on to Woodrow Wilson. You’re there.

Going South on the Lodge Freeway: Use the Elmhurst exit which runs directly into Woodrow Wilson. Follow the sign, turn right (N) go seven blocks and you’re there. I-94 Fwy going East or West: Take the Lodge Freeway North. Follow the North Lodge Freeway (U.S. 10) directions above. I-75 Fwy North or South: Exit Davison Freeway West. Continue West until Davison surfaces. Bear left to the first meridian, turn-around, follow the sign, make U turn; go back (E) half block, follow the sign, turn right on to Woodrow Wilson (S), go 3 Blocks. You’re there.

I-96 Fwy: Go East to Davison East exit. Davison surfaces, East on Davison for one mile to Woodrow Wilson, just before the Lodge Fwy (U.S. 10). Follow the sign. Turn right (S) on Woodrow Wilson, go 3 blocks. You’re here.