Anna Holley Dollar-A-Week Pledge Program
Faced with mounting debts, the Repertory was searching for solutions to ward off potential disaster. Board Member Anna Holley came to the DRT offices and told us she had an idea that might help the situation, a little anyway. She wondered if it would be worthwhile to start a "dollar a week" pledge program for the Repertory. Her church had run one that was quite successful. "Why not try?" was the answer.

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January 14, 1999 we announced the Anna Holley Dollar-A-Week Pledge Program. The cornerstone of our approach was a direct nightly appeal to our audiences. The message was, and remains, simple. Help keep us going. Please consider a tax deductible “dollar a week” pledge. You have the option of paying the full pledge all at once or make $13 quarterly payments. We have been delivering cultural goods and services for 60 years. Please make it 61.

The result has been remarkable. We truly underestimated our community support. Since its inception the Anna Holley Dollar-A-Week Pledge Program has raised over $1,000,000 and is still counting. The sustained pledge income has helped us reduce emphasis on defensive strategies and allowed us to take a more resourceful, offensive stance.

The pledge program has evolved and two options have been added. In one category contributors can “double up” and pledge $2 per week or $104 per year. All pledgers receive a pledge pin each year. In another category patrons who admire the Rep’s longevity and commitment to the community and want to give a little extra support can make a “Gold Pin” pledge ($150). As the category implies the pledger receives a Gold (colored) Pin. When worn, the box office gives one free ticket for every General Admission ticket bought.

If you appreciate the Detroit Repertory Theatre's cultural contributions and the long, arduous cultural journey the Theatre has traveled, you can help the Theatre stay the course by considering a dollar-a-week pledge.

The Detroit Repertory Theatre is 60 years old. The roots of the non-profit Theatre’s remarkable cultural, social and civic journey were planted in a neighborhood based at the geographic center of Detroit. The Repertory, like a determined tree, grew above the ashes and decay to become a major player in Detroit’s cultural life.

For the Theatre's 60th Birthday, the Rep has new pledge levels for this Diamond Anniversary Season. The dollar-a-year pledge. That's $1 times 60 years. Double up to $2 times 60 years, and Gold Pledges are $3 times 60 years.

From inception the DRT mission has been to produce the best non-profit professional theatre possible, demonstrate the power of diversity acting in unity and fight, by example, the disturbing level of racism that still exists.

For additional information please contact Leah Smith, Marketing and Development Director, 313•868•1347 or