The New Playwrights Program was established in 1976 to give authors a place for professional production of their original scripts, and to bring the works of new writers to the attention of theatregoers in Southeast Michigan. Special attention is given to Michigan playwrights. Scripts are read and evaluated by a team of theatre professionals. An evaluation is sent to the author. 

Script Submission Guidelines
The Detroit Repertory Theatre welcomes new plays for production at our 194 seat, proscenium stage theatre. Our New Playwrights' Program is not a competition, festival, workshop or staged reading program. We consider plays the authors feel are ready for production, not development.

We are interested in issue oriented plays (a comedic approach is fine); up to 7 characters; no double casting, and we avoid plays that require children. No one-acts, please. We are not accepting musicals at this time.

Each season we produce, at least, one original work. All plays submitted should:

  • be bound in a folder
  • include a cast list
  • be typewritten in proper manuscript form with pages numbered
  • Include a SASE with postage for return of the manuscript

Playwrights wishing to submit scripts for consideration should address scripts to: 

Detroit Repertory Theatre,
c/o The Literary Manager
13103 Woodrow Wilson, Detroit 48238-3686.

The choice of plays is the single most important decision to be made in any season. All other decisions, all other programs; all the dreams, all the management, all the marketing, all the funding, all the bills, all the outreach, all the hiring; everything, the purpose, the audience, the budget, the visions, are embodied in one thing, the plays we choose. Each choice each year is a risk. The outcome and the income are never guaranteed. The Artistic Director makes the final decision on the choice of plays and, in that sense, the destiny of the theatre is in his/her hands. But the decision is never unilateral.

The Literary Manager and an in-house team of directors reads and recommends scripts throughout the year to be considered for production. The Artistic Director reads the recommended scripts. The worthiness, importance, taste, artistry, capability, costs, talent available, and position in the season’s lineup of each recommended script is discussed and defended by members of the team and the Artistic Director at a special session. Then, the Artistic Director makes the final determination.